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Paper Abstract
Who We Are

We are a team of storytellers, master communicators, and creative, yet strategic, minds. 


A small-but-mighty agency, we are an intentional group of experienced professionals in our respective crafts, who are united in our desire to see our clients succeed. 

Our Approach

We recognize the enormous, tangible opportunity that PR and communication initiatives can provide to an organization. We also know that these are usually the first things to take a back seat when there's no marketing communication professional on staff or the marketing team is stretched thin.


We love to connect with our clients, learn about their challenges, and dive in head-first to deliver solutions that will get them moving in the right direction - solutions that will help them be seen and be heard. 

We don't need a lot of hand holding. Our combined years of in-the-marketing-trenches experience allow us to hit the ground running. We take the time to understand your organization, brand, and products or services, and then quickly become a seamless extension of your team.


"My team and I care deeply about the success of our clients because, simply put, it's not in our DNA to half-ass anything. You'll find that we are genuine, fully transparent, and a whole lot of fun! We are quite happy to work behind the scenes doing what we do best, so that you can have your moment in the spotlight."

  - Erin Bonin

Parnomi Founder & CEO

How we Got our Name

In the very early days of our company's formation, we were only offering nomination writing services. Like all businesses searching for an identity, the major deciding factor for a name was if it was also available as a URL. It seemed everything good was already, we did what any good communication professionals would do and we got creative by playing around with words! Parnomi is short for "partners in nomination." Go ahead, Google it! You'll never have any problems finding us! 

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