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Get the Recognition You Deserve

Businesses - and the individuals who make them successful - often go uncelebrated for their incredible contributions to society, their industry, or profession. We're here to change that.


Our team specializes in identifying awards you or your organization are eligible for and then crafting a nomination that stands out from all the others.

Go from "I Wish" to "I Won"

We'll work our magic to help you win valuable awards and then tell the world. Ok, it’s not actually magic, it’s more of a laser-focused strategy packed with value. ​​

Discover Awards
No stone is left unturned during our research process. Clients are frequently surprised to learn that there are numerous awards for which they are eligible. Depending on your needs, we can provide a list of one to 1,000 awards, along with nomination criteria, deadlines, contact information, and a link for more information.

Write Nominations
We offer everything from building and managing a formal award recognition program for your business to writing a single award nomination. There's no job too big or too small.

Get the Word Out
When it comes to earning recognition for a job well done, you want everyone to know! Whether local, regional, or national - we'll get your message out to the right audience.


By this point, you might be asking yourself...

"Why should I hire someone to help me pursue award opportunities when I could just do it myself?"

We thought you'd never ask! 

5 Reasons You'll Want to Hire Us Right Away

Save yourself the time and energy.

Researching possible awards, tracking deadlines, reviewing criteria, and final submissions take significant effort. If you're someone who is motivated enough to go after an award, whether for yourself or your business, there's a good chance you're busy enough! 


We've mastered the art of nominations.

A passing nomination provides a bulleted list of responses to meet basic requirements. A GREAT nomination reads like a story that invites the reader in and leaves no doubt that you are the most deserving award recipient.


Many of our clients have found that when it comes to writing about themselves, a family member, their own company, or their colleagues, words don't come easily. We know that writing takes a certain skill and it doesn't come naturally to everyone. Lucky for you, the team at Parnomi has that certain "je ne sais quoi." But only in English...we don't really know French.


Our win rate is 95%.

Individual and business awards combined, we have a 95% win rate. While we can't promise that every nomination will result in the desired outcome, our track record speaks for itself.


We double as business and career consultants.

Pulling together an award nomination or providing PR services involves a lot of information gathering through phone conversations or emails, combing through websites, referencing LinkedIn profiles, and more. Our unique outside perspective often allows us to see things others overlook. It's not uncommon for us to provide clients with suggestions for website copy updates, tweaks to a LinkedIn profile, or ideas on how to repurpose content. 


We help you see your potential.

On a more human level, sometimes it's helping a person see their own value. When you're working day in and day out, it's difficult to see that what you're doing IS special. After all, it's just your "job." If we don't think you have what it will take to win an award, we'll be honest with you and suggest things you can do to improve your odds in the future. But if we've gotten to know you and we're excited about your chances, you should just trust us. We're professionals.



Increased credibility and brand awareness / Employee morale and recruitment / Long marketing shelf life / Nominate a customer or client for stronger relationships


Personal and professional self-assessment / Helpful when applying for new jobs or promotions / Social media and networking conversation starter


Due to the customized nature of each client project, we are unable to publish standard pricing. Instead, we offer a complimentary consultation, after which we will provide you with a formal written proposal. 

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